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Remember this: marketing is the most vital aspect of any company’s success. Without the services we provide, a business won’t succeed simply on word of mouth. Our job, at its simplest, is to give our clients the help they need through the variety of tools and skills at our disposal. Let’s get your image out there. With our help, businesses the world over will leave their marks on the mind of the consumer – and with our help, that mark will be memorable and vibrant. We know what it’s like to find a new direction. Let us help you search for yours.


"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Abraham Lincoln


So you have a new website, a new direction, and piles of fliers. What now?
Our aim is to set you and your business up with marketing aids that put you in direct contact with the public. Our Direct- To-Mail marketing approach gets your business physically placed in the hands of potential customers through your own personalized postcards or other marketing tools that we will both design and ship at your convenience.
Additionally, CompassGraphX offers web-based marketing assistance. Our team’s custom website development, SEO & SEM services work to get your name heard where it counts – the internet, where thousands upon thousands of potential customers are already looking for a business just like yours.
So why keep them waiting?

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Structured Campaign Management

We will oversee all parts of your online marketing campaign from website optimization through call generation. Our team of marketing professionals will keep you in the loop all the way through your campaign to ensure its success. We do more than just put up an AdWords campaign... we tweak and evolve it as the campaign is live to ensure the best possible results.

Powerful conversion tools

We are able to track all traffic through your site. When someone enters your domain we can tell you where they came from, where they went and where they left from. This process is incredibly useful in tracking and figuring out why people aren't clicking on your "Give me your money" buttons.

Identifiable Results

We offer some of the best reporting in the industry. You will receive an update as often as weekly to offer insights as to how exactly and how effectively your money is working for you. You'll know what people are interested in and be provided with valuable insight into what your customers are looking for, helping you tweak your product offering to extract the most value from each possible transaction.

Need to establish a Brand?

Logo Development

A logo IS NOT an image you found on Google. Your logo is the single most identifiable part of your image. An identifiable pictorial mark should be simple, easily remembered and, most of all, unique. Your brand needs to stand out amongst a sea of competitors. Keep it adaptable as your logo should be easily used across multiple applications like cups, pencils, forms, and incredibly cute Bull Terriers(Think Bullseye, the Target mascot).

Establishing Brand Guidelines

Your brand is more than just your logo. We'll help you establish guidelines including corporate fonts, colors, form and mail layouts, display layouts, and much more. Control the way the public looks at your company. Keep it consistent.

Curious as to what kind of printing equipment we have on deck?

Click here to take a peak at our top of the line printing equipment. We are control freaks when it comes to our quality. Printing everything in-house helps us give you control of your own print projects.

Need a website that's as brilliant as you are?

We design a custom built structured web solution to fit your needs. The best way to put it is: There isn't anything we can't do when it comes to the web. The sky is the limit. Our team of designers are required to keep up with the latest web standards. This field is ever changing. Make sure your company has an edge online.

Don't settle for mediocrity

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